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Advanced studies usually require advanced knowledge just to accept those studies. The following list displays the advanced course Downtime Reduction School is offering to anyone who might be interested:

  • Canadian Electric Code Part I, II and III
  • Grounding and Bonding of Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Testing and Commissioning of Electronic Security Systems
  • Power Quality in Power Generation Systems (Wind Farms)
  • Technical Problem Solving and Inventing
  • Instrumentation and Industrial Measurements

Please contact Downtime Reduction School for courses dates and cost.

Below are engineering courses that have been offered sometimes ago:

1. Plant Automation, industrial controls, PLC, HMI, SCADA: system design, selection, installation, configuration, programming commissioning, and start-up. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course
2. Maintenance and Troubleshooting of UPS Systems and Battery Chargers. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course
3Total Automation of Food Production Plant: Level 1, 2 and 3 (PLC and SCADA), data acquisition and batch processing. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course
4.  Instrumentation and Control Systems: digital and analogue control, PLC, DCS, Smart instrumentation, selection, applications, operation, diagnostics and troubleshooting. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course
5.  Rapid PLC/HMI/SCADA Training for non-professionals: system design, integration, re-engineering, selection, installation, configuration, and programming, commissioning and startup. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course
6   Process Controls, Instrumentation and Sensors, close/open loop controls and tuning, PID design and implementation. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.
7.  Control Logic Programming and Algorithms for system integrators, plant engineering, and consulting engineering: practical consideration and methodology. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.
8.  Power Quality Control of high voltage, current, power factor and reactive power in power generation industry (wind, solar, and others). One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.
9.  Remote Control and Monitoring in power generation industry: internet and wireless telecommunication; practical applications, equipment and programming. One-day seminar.
10. Practical Methodology of Downtime Reduction, hardware and software, design, implementation and programming. One-day seminar.
11. Automatic Control of ultraviolet wastewater disinfection systems: design, installation, configuration and programming. One-day seminar.
12. Testing and Commissioning of electronic security systems: card access, surveillance, CCTV, intercom, and PA. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.
13. Quality Control and Quality Assurance: fundamentals, and methodologies, procedures and checklists. One-day seminar.
14. Inspection, verification, validation and acceptance of electrical and electronic equipment and systems: practical applications. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.
15.  Problem Solving for Engineers and Managers. Decision making procedures and practical methodology. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.
16.  Company of the Future: intellectual capital assessment, analysis, and prognosis. Practical methods and techniques.
17.  Grounding of Electrical and Electronic equipment: practical considerations, multiple grounding, ground loops, codes and standards. One to three-day seminar /course.
18.  Multi-disciplinary Engineering: basic, advanced and extended courses on technical and inventive problem solving methods and techniques. One-day seminar and/or 5-day per week, 6 to 8 weeks.
19.  Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence in corporate decision making and inter-department team-effort environment. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.
20.  Practical Training in Self-Regulation. One-day seminar and/or 5-day course.

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