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This is a certified course offered by Downtime Reduction School. It includes the following units:

  1. Electrical Fundamentals
  2. Industrial Electronics
  3. Process Controls
  4. Instrumentation
  5. Robotics/Pneumatics
  6. Machine Vision

Every unit has a quiz that you will need to take. You will be studying and learning all by yourself. Upon finishing the study you will be taking a “close book” exam in our Manufacturing school. Upon getting over 75% correct answers you will get a certificate of Process Control & Instrumentation Technician specifying that you have completed theoretical part of the Process Control & Instrumentation Course and ready to take a practical course on the same subjects as listed above.

All course material consists of slide shows presentations and videos discussing all important parts of every topic.

Below are the units and topics you will be studying and learning:

1.   Electrical Fundamentals2.  Industrial Electronics
1.  Introduction1. Sensors
2.  Conductors and Insulators2. Electrical Actuators
3.  Current, Voltage, Resistance3. Power Electronics
4.  Ohm’s Law4. Motor Controls
5.  Alternating Current5. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
6.  DC Circuits6. RF Tags and Barcode Readers
7.  Magnetism7. HMI & SCADA Displays and Monitors
8.  Inductance and Capacitance8. Networking, Wireless and Wi-Fi
9.  Reactance and Impedance9. Plant Computers & Peripherals, OPC
10.  Transformers10. Security Devices & Equipment
11.  Power and Power Factor11. Other
3.   Process Control4.   Instrumentation
1. Introduction1 Introduction
2. Instrumentation2 Process & Instrumentation Diagram
    2.1 Introduction3 Instrumentation Symbols
3. PID Loop Control4 Supply and Communication
    3.1 Introduction5 P&ID Symbols & Examples
5. Robotics & Pneumatics6. Machine Vision
   1. Introduction to Robotics1. Introduction
    1.1 Course Outline    1.1 Machine Vision Applications
    1.2 Robotics Parameters2. Image Processing
    1.3 Industrial Robots    2.1 Machine Vision Output
    1.4 Robot Mechanics & Manipulators3. Imaging for Robot Guidance
    1.5 Inverse kinematics of Manipulators4. Machine Vision Hardware and Software
    1.6 Dynamics of Robotic Arm5. Choosing Vision Software
    1.7 Trajectory generation6. Computer Vision Software
    1.8 Manipulator with Sensors7. Glossary of Machine Vision
    1.9 Force control8. Machine Vision Termsi
2. Programming Robots
    2.1 Programming and Simulation
3. Robotic Programming Languages
    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Levels of Robot Programing
    3.3 Explicit Robot Programming
4. Robotic Software
       4.1 List of Software Packages
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Will be provided with application$499.95
  • Course duration 10 hours
  • Hands-on classes 10 hours
  • Exam duration 3 hours (closed book, multiple choice)

* Initial registration is required for us to select dates and location prior to giving you that information.

** Course registration with prepayment will be required upon you’re the acceptance of your application by the School.

* Please register using this contact page here by filling all required information and name of the course your want to take. Methods of paying is by PayPal, eTransfer, or cash. Image of the certificate is shown here: TBD

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