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Engineering Knowledge 

Knowledge is an art of intelligence, experience and intuition. The more you know, the more it helps to reduce downtime. Downtime Reduction School offers a crush course on 14+ engineering subjects. Our teaching and training approach is based on the following principles:

  1. People can’t teach other people. It is similar to ” people can’t heal other people”. People can only provide guidance to other people in a form of advice, suggestion, recommendation, or persuasion.
  2. Every student is learning all subjects by himself.
  3. School experts provide only explanation to different engineering principles, effects and phenomena.
  4. School experts provide guidance and insights to present and technologies, methods, equipment, and devices.
  5. Downtime Reduction School of Knowledge allows anyone to learn over 20 electrical engineering disciplines first in the class and then at home.
  6. Every student, as an option, will be certified as satisfactory accomplished all school subjects.
  7. An actual certificate will be issued upon successfully passing the final exam. Please see Certificate Template for details.
  8. Downtime Reduction crush course is 20 hours long. It can be also offered as 5 days or 10 days in duration by 4 hr/day or 2 hr/day accordingly.
  9. Prices for 20 hr and 5 day or 10 day course are different. Please see the price list here

Please refer to a list of things you will learn upon signing to the Downtime Reduction School:

Control system or production machinery related

  1. Electrical engineering
  2. Industrial electronics
  3. PLC/HMI programming
  4. Boolean  Logic
  5. WiFi communication
  6. Networking
  7. WEB design
  8. Faults and alarms displays
  9. Safety

Process control systems, conveyors and automatic lines

  1. Electric power, distribution and protection
  2. Grounding of electrical and electronic devices
  3. Process control and P&ID
  4. Feed back and PID loop control
  5. Instrumentation
  6. Hydraulics and pneumatics
  7. Machine vision
  8. Plant automation and OPC
  9. Safety

Please refer to the Downtime Reduction School subjects and schedules listed on the Home Page under Downtime Reduction School Subjects.

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