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Industrial Electrics and Electronics

Industrial Electrics and Electronics, Process Control and Instrumentation

You need to update you academic knowledge in several electrical engineering subjects for understanding every part of automation system, its functions and its purpose. This is the first step in successful implementation of downtime reduction methodology. This milestone is a very critical step for all student to understand what is involved in all crash courses they will be getting from downtime Reduction School.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering industries (EEI) include electrical devices, radio equipment and telecommunications industries. Examples are mobile phones, the mobile network infrastructure, tv sets, power supply units, wireless routers, maritime radars, sensors, and much more.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Industries (EEI) cover 3 major areas.

  • Electromagnetic compatibility: regulated by the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC), covering all equipment that can generate or be affected by electromagnetic disturbance.
  • Low voltage electrical equipment: regulated by the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), covering health and safety risks caused by electrical equipment of specific voltage ranges.
  • Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment: regulated by the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). It applies to all products using the radio frequency spectrum.


The first significant application of controlled electricity US was telegraphy, which made its appearance in 1847 on the premises of the Lake Erie Telegraph Co. Fire-alarm boxes were the second useful manifestation of the “new” power in the city, and by 1865 there were 24 of them. The telephone came in 1877. Besides these communications uses, the other main areas of electric-industrial progress in the latter part of the 19th century were lighting, traction, and industrial motors.

The equipment for the first electric streetcar line in the Ohio was developed and tested in the shops of the Brush Electric Co., and a Brush generator was used in the car barn that powered the line from its start-up, in 1884. By 1900 Ohio ranked first in the production of electric automobiles, and at the end of the century’s first decade it also claimed first place in the production of carbons, lamps, and electrical hoisting apparatus.

The most technically reach solution has been developed in the medical imaging industry. The 1895 discovery of “x-rays” by the German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen touched off considerable activity in the USA. Henry P. Engeln, in collaboration with Dr. George Iddings, was a pioneer in the x-ray industry, establishing the Engeln Electric Co. around the turn of the century.

Variable speed electric motors were designed by John Lincoln who incorporated the Lincoln Motor Works Co. in 1906 to produce them. In 1909 the firm changed its name to the Reliance Electric & Engineering Co.

Allen-Bradley, a Division of Rockwell Intl. in HIGHLAND HTS., is a long-established area firm producing programmable controllers and similar capital goods, incorporating electronics, for manufacturing industries.


As you can see from descriptions above the Industrial Electrics and Electronics, Process Control and Instrumentation becomes leading industry in the country. To achieve maximum savings in automation we need to understand each part of the automation process, its logic, devices, and interconnection to the other systems on the production floor. We also need to learn and understand all technical principles, effects and phenomena of every component of the automation system in place.

Downtime Reduction School is providing you with this knowledge in a very short period of time. You don’t need to go to college or university to acquire this vast amount of knowledge. Our school is based on a single premise – you LEARN any electrical engineering science we offer. We just help you to navigate every part of it by explaining only important parts of the study you will do on your own. All learning materials, such as books, videos, calculations, presentation, and software will be provided.

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