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Programming Tools Programming Tools

Thorough test will be conducted on your control system along with the maintenance crew members and machine operators to make system response to any faults. A proprietary display algorithm will be incorporated into a hand-held mobile device, like a tablet or a smart phone, with LED or LCD screen. Any fault will be identified and displayed upon its detection. This algorithm will identify a root-cause and a source of the fault. Additional information will provide an exact location of a physical device at fault. The following table displays what kind of software tools is need to successfully approach downtime reduction.

Please remember that the final solution to downtime reduction is in troubleshooting of a fault and its fix.

List of software and hardware you need for successful downtime reduction:



  • PLC programming software
  • HMI┬áprogramming software
  • SCADA graphics and┬áprogramming software
  • WEB page design software (usually HTML)
  • Plant automation software
  • Remote communication software
  • Data acquisition software
  • CAD electrical software

  • Laptop computer with several OS
  • External hard drive to hold all PLC/HMI software
  • Portable Display (tablet or smart phone)
  • WEB server (PLC module)
  • WEB server (external)
  • OPC server and software
  • Network card (PLC internal or external)
  • Digital annunciation display




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