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Downtime Reduction School is unique. It provides very sophisticated hardware/software solution to minimize downtime loses. In addition, the Downtime Reduction School of Knowledge is offering another unique solution on how to upgrade knowledge and experience of plant personnel in a short time and to be in line with ever changing new technologies and products.

You Learn

  1. Knowledge makes perfect. Get yourself any and all engineering knowledge you need from our crash courses.
  2. Learn and practice new PLC programming logic format by using Boolean Logic and creating Unified Logic. This is your important step in understanding any control system.
  3. Program your remote tablet-HMI to be able accessing data from PLC/HMI and SCADA and display faults and alarms with the help of root-fault detection algorithm.

Company’s Benefits

  1. Troubleshooting time is reduced to minutes.
  2. Machine operator will be aware where any fault is coming from.
  3. Electrician or PLC technicians don’t connect their laptops to the PLC for detecting where the fault or alarm is coming from. Machine operator will be able to tell them so.
  4. Every individual part of the control system will have its own unified logic diagrams for training purposes or immediate fault diagnosis.
  5. Training of maintenance crews will be done on premises by signing them for Downtime Reduction crash courses.
  6. New maintenance personal will spend very little time in learning control systems schematics and PLC programming logic.
  7. Programming PLC in different formats can be learned during the crash course.
  8. Knowledge upgrade will offered for all engineering and maintenance personnel at the same time.
  9. Return on investment (ROI) by implementing the Downtime Reduction Methodology is between 3 to 6 months, which is a world record.


Don’ keep obtained knowledge for yourself. Share it with everyone you know. It is your turn to make someone’s happy. Use it!

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