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Three milestones in downtime reduction

Downtime reduction is the most important solution any industry is looking for these days. Several important steps needed in order to acquire successful downtime reduction. Three of them are listed here. There are: Knowledge in Electrical Engineering, PLC/HMI Programming, and Implementation. This school will help you to get all three without taking any college courses ...

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Downtime Reduction School is the first of its kind in North America. We offer a crash course on several subject needed for your success. You will learn and/or update your previous knowledge and experience in the following subjects:*electrical fundamentals, *process control, *instrumentation, *PLC/HMI programming, *WEB design, *networking and WiFi, *rapid troubleshooting, *testing, and *acceptance. All these subjects will be covered here.

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    Downtime Reduction School Subjects

    Downtime Reduction School is unique. After graduation from the School you will be able to offer the following services:

    • Different techniques and methods that will allow you to reduce the time for locating a root-fault to 2 min or so.
    • Upgrade your programming knowledge for many PLC-based automation control systems in production..
    • Retrain your maintenance crew to help them understanding machine controls within minutes and without prior training.


    7. Troubleshooting

    Rapid troubleshooting techniques along with the multi-disciplinary engineering is the key to downtime reduction success ...

    Alarms Display11. Faults and Alarms 

    Faults detection and alarms display is the main part of the Downtime Reduction School. This is a crash course and the main part...

    Windfarm and solar

    1. Electrical Fundamentals

    Basic electrical engineering course will refresh your knowledge in several electrical disciplines and prepare you for downtime reduction ...
    Industrial Electronics

    2. Industrial Electronics

    Almost everything on the production floor is related to industrial electronics. Below is a short list of devices and systems which considered ...
    Process Control

    3. Process Control

    Process control is the most important discipline any plant manager as well as maintenance technician and/or technologist ...


    4. Instrumentation

    Process control industry is based on instrumentation. Instrumentation is defined as a collective term for measuring instruments ...
    Hydraulics & Pneumatics

    5.  Robotics & Pneumatics

    It is hard to imagine any production machinery without using hydraulic cylinders, valves and  pneumatic actuators. A newly borne robotics is ...
    Programming Tools

    6. Programming Tools

    Thorough test will be conducted by our graduates along with your maintenance crew and machine operators to make system ...

    PLC Programming

    8. Programming PLC

    A thorough knowledge in all PLC programming methods will be required for getting a final Downtime Reduction Course Certificate ...
    HMI Graphics

    9. HMI Graphic Design

    Downtime Reduction School offers a self-study and self-training on all most common HMI software on the market today, including but not limited to...
    SCADA Screen

    10. SCADA Programming

    Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a control system architecture that uses the following devices and protocols.....

    12. OPC & Remote Access

    OPC is and Open Platform Communication protocol. In general, OPC specifies the communication of real-time plant ...

    WiFi Tablet HMI

    13. Networking and Wi-Fi

    PLC network is a TCP/IP protocol communication that is embedded into the hardware. Remote access to PLC connected to the network allows ...
    Programming Methods

    14. Programming Methods

    All aspects of PLC programming in terms of downtime reduction methodology . Example of a source code for each programming ...

    It is always important to get on-job training, when it'savailable. It is also crucial for overall plant productivity to have continuous training of your electricians, PLC technicians, or even your engineering and project management staff. That is why it is a very good notion to upgrade your academic background that oninsides with the inovative technologies, devices, and components. It is greatly important, if you can receive professional guidance on different topics on everehing related to reduction of downtime and learn learn within a short period of time. On-job training is not necessarily the best solution these days, as it's a very slow process compare to the progress of ever-changing technologies, processes, as well as new automation hardware and software. A crash courses that are offered by the Downtime Reduction School will make a noticeable difference to the knowledge level of the present maintenance crew and to a new hire.

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    Downtime Reduction School Insights

    Find out the latest trends in the Downtime Reduction School of Knowledge, new subjects and what they going to do for you. We are always happy to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave a comment.

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    Fault /detection

     1. Rapid Troubleshooting

    Real reduction of downtime is a rapid troubleshooting technique. The faster you troubleshoot the system, the shorter the downtime is ...
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    3. Share It All

    Don't keep acquired knowledge from the Downtime Reduction School to yourself. Share it with everyone you know...                                                 Read more

    Short Certified Industrial Curses for Knowledge & Proficiency

    Since the fall of 2018 Downtime Reduction School is offering industrial multi-disciplinary courses for those of you who needs specific knowlege on several related subjects.  They are Six-In-One industrial courses for boosting knowlledge level and improving overal efficiency of your maintenance crew and engineering department. Those cources will be delivered to you in one 8-hour session with additional 8-hour practical training. All cources are certified. Below are the three courses that have been selected for this offer. You can see all topics of the induvidual courses by selecting them from the links or from the short images and descriptions below:

            Become Process Control &             Become PLC Technician            Become Networking Technician

            Instrumentation Technician             HMI/SCADA Designer                          PLC Wireless

    1. Electrical Fundamentals
    2. Industrial Electronics
    3. Process Controls
    4. Instrumentation
    5. Robotics/Pneumatics
    6. Machine Vision
    1. PLC Hardware and Software
    2. Programming Methods
    3. Programming Tools
    4. Programming PLC
    5. HMI Graphics Design
    6. SCADA Programming
    1. PLC Networking
    2. OPC and Remote Access
    3. Programming Methods
    4. Troubleshooting PLC
    5. Faults and Alarms
    6. Plant Automation

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